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Symfony Bundles

The OpenSource Symfony bundles we develop are all available on Github.

ConfigBundle allows to get/set the config parameters for a Symfony app

ContactForm allows to display and a contact form (includes a honeypot to avoid spam) and then send an email to the website

CountLinesCode counts the lines of code in project

EmailBundle stores the email in a db and then send it

Events allows to display events on your webssite

ExceptionChecker catches the Exception when a wrong url is called, checks against a db to see if the link should be redirected, excluded or has been deleted

GiftVoucher allows to propose and manage Gift-Vouchers on your site (including their payment and delivery)

IncludeLibrary provides some Twig extensions to easily include well-known libraries (Bootstrap, jQuery, React, etc.) in a Twig template

PageEdit allows to edit web pages and keep different versions history (without DB). This is page is edited with PageEdit

Payment allows to receive Payments via Stripe

PurchaseCredits allows to propose Credits hover your web site. Users buy Credits and then spend them hover your web site. useful when you propose numeric services to avoid multiples payments, just have to manage the numbers of credits per service

Services provides a set of services used by c975L bundles

ShareButtons provides a toolbar for sharing content (not developed yet)

Shop to manage an e-business (not developed yet)

Site groups layout, common css and javascript that may be used on a website and Models for CGU, CGV, legal notices, etc.

Toolbar allows to display toolbar or single buttons on User Interface

User allows users to manage their data (profile, password, etc.)

Xliff exports a DB table in xlf format files for the translations of websites